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An archive of our previous annual reports

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Our latest evaluation report

Mdukatshani reports from 1993 to 2012

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An archived collection of newsletters from 1975 till 1994

Mdukatshani newsletters 1974 till 1994.pdf Mdukatshani newsletters 1974 till 1994.pdf
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Mdukatshani newsletters from 1975 to 1994


Reports on recent learning exchanges

Tete in Mozambique

Goats in Nambia 

The Northern Cape

Goats in Nepal

Report on Northern Cape.pdf Report on Northern Cape.pdf
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A tete tete to TETE.pdf A tete tete to TETE.pdf
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Report on Nepal.pdf Report on Nepal.pdf
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Mdukatshani in the news

An article in The Daily Maverick about the handover of the Mdukatshani farm 

Daily Maverick handover.pdf Daily Maverick handover.pdf
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An article in the May 2016 Farmers Weekly magazine and Natal Witness newspaper on our Goat Project

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Mdukatshani featured in  climate change's effect on rural African farmers

A video by Oxfam and Mdukatshani on coping with social and economic stresses the  drought brings

Story from Daily Maverick and Natal Mercury about the drought 

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A Mdukatshani  report on the drought affecting our farmers

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Reports on the joint Goat expo and Goat cook-off

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 LEAP website is now being hosted by MRDP 

As part of joint project between MRDP, Donna Hornby and Thelma Trench we are taking over the LEAP website that was closed after Tessa Cousins death and hosting its archives here it is here on the last tab of this site.

Following a x visit by farmers from the South coast this article was in the farmers weekly.

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Farmers Weekly chick .pdf Farmers Weekly chick .pdf
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Excerpt from CAP newsletter May 1986

A hundred years ago there were 600 ploughs at Msinga, and women already manoeuvring for change.

"The natives usually increase their lands for cultivation" observed the Msinga magistrate, Henry Francis Fynn, in 1891, "and purchase many ploughs so that women are saved the toil of culture, and one way or the another cause their husbands to procure ploughs, in many cases a plough for each wife."