Links to organisations that we work with or are involved in the same sort of work (click on the names of the organisations to go to their sites) 

Grassland Society of South Africa

The GSSA is involved and concerned with the science and practice of range and pasture management.

South African Society for animal Science

The South African Society for Animal Science is an association of animal scientists who have the common objective to practice and report on animal agriculture based on science.


A not for profit alliance of public, private and government partners, GALVmed is protecting livestock and saving human life by making livestock vaccines, diagnostics and medicines accessible and affordable to the millions for whom livestock is a lifeline.  

Christian Veterinary Mission

Christian Vetrinary Mission seeks  to help veterinarians serve others and live out their christian faith through their profession. we seek to change lives and communities by improving the care of livestock and other animals.

Poverty Land And Agrarian Studies

The Institute for Poverty, Land and Agrarian Studies is a leading research and teaching centre with an international reputation for high quality applied research and critical scholarship. PLAAS engages in research, training, policy development and advocacy in relation to land and agrarian reform, rural governance and natural resource management.

Legal Entity Assessment Program

A learning approach to increasing the security of tenure of poor and vulnerable people, in order to enhance their livelihoods and access to services and local economic development. Leap is a voluntary association that brings people together to practically explore, learn about and recommend appropriate tenure arrangements in urban and rural contexts.

The Department Agriculture Kwazulu Natal

To be champion for the optimal agricultural land use, sustainable food security, sound environmental management and comprehensive integrated rural development.

The Farmers Support Group

Now part of CEAD who work with rural farmers linking their work to academic research.


An NGO-initiated program to build a global learning network to promote local innovation in ecologically-oriented agriculture and NRM.The program builds on and scales up farmer-led approaches to development that start with finding out how farmers do informal experiments to develop and test new ideas for better use of natural resources.

The Valley Trust

The Valley Trust is a centre for health promotion, founded in 1953 in the Valley of a Thousand Hills in KwaZulu Natal, but now working throughout the province.


ACAT was established in 1979 as a Christian Development Trust committed to enabling disadvantaged rural people to improve and sustain their quality of life spiritually, physically, materially, intellectually.


SaveAct facilitates the formation and mentoring of savings and credit groups, improves people's capacity to plan and act and developing capacity to engage in enterprise activity or follow more sustainable livelihood strategies


An organic farm in the midlands working with Nguni cattle and Nguni sheep breeding.


A free search-able database on animal diseases and treatments 

International Rural Poultry Centre

IRPC works with governments, communities, farmers and their families to promote cost-efficient and sustainable improvements to village poultry production in order to improve the livelihood of rural families worldwide.

Community of Practice for Pro-Poor Livestock Development

The Portal of the Community of Practice for Pro-poor Livestock Development (CoP-PPLD) is an on-line sharing network for practitioners, managers, researchers and other actors involved in pro-poor livestock development that want to exchange experiences, innovative approaches, best/next practices and other knowledge (including tacit) for the CoP-PPLD’s mutual learning