Engaging government

 An assessment framework for communal property institutions.  Revised April 2002.   By Department of Land Affairs in collaboration with LEAP.

assessment framework for CPIs DLA 2002.pdf assessment framework for CPIs DLA 2002.pdf
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Comments on the Communal Land Rights Bill.  By Legal Entity Assessment Project (LEAP).  2  December 2002.  

Working within the project cycle.   Summary of major findings from Lisa del Grande’s paper:   Delivering land for tenure reform: proposed practical guidelines.  2003.   By Donna Hornby 

 Amending & simplifying legal entity documents:   Does the Act support this?   LEAP contributions to CPA Act review.  November 2000.  By Paula Loynes

Background to the first LEAP Analysis Workshop.  July 1999.  

first LEAP analysis workshop 1999.pdf first LEAP analysis workshop 1999.pdf
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Framework for terms of reference for land reform projects.  July 2000.  By LEAP project.  

Engaging the Communal Land Rights Bill.   A workshop hosted by Midnet, AFRA and Leap.  Pietermaritzburg.  26th and 27th June 2002.  By Aninka Claasens.

Impacts on livelihoods 

World Class Cities? World Class Slums?  No place for the poor in the Kwa Zulu Natal’s Elimination and Prevention of Re-emergence of Slums Bill, 2006.  Leap submission regarding the Slums Bill to the Abahlali baseMjondolo (Shack Dwellers) Movement meeting at the Kennedy Road Hall, Durban, 13th July 2007.  Submitted on 12th July 2007.  


 Scoping report on communal property institutions in land reform.  For the Department of Land Affairs, October 2002.  By  Tessa Cousins and Donna Hornby. 

Scoping report 2002.pdf Scoping report 2002.pdf
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Draft.  Law, policy and natural resources governance in communal land in South Africa.  Review of the Traditional Leadership and Governance Framework Amendment Act and the Communal Land Rights Act in relation to land, water and natural resource management and governance in communal areas of South Africa.   For the Craigieburn Wetlands Governance Project, AWARD and LEAP.   February 2007.  By Tessa Cousins.  

draft review TLGFA and CLRA.doc draft review TLGFA and CLRA.doc
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