We believe goats are the stepping stone for farmers between Chickens that most people have and cattle that are hard for women to own because of social taboos and problems with herding and stock theft.

We have hired Brigit Lettie on a retainer to be in charge of our research agenda at Mdukatshani as well as start research on goats and dryland fields. We have also established a joint study group with Ngo's, Governmental people and academics to guide the research and more firmly put indigenous goat farming on the agenda.

We have jointly developed and printed a girth tape to measure goat weight and assist with dosages, with Dr Hannes de Villiers and the Department of Agriculture. These materials are all accessible here.

The english information pamphlet.

Weight band English.pdf Weight band English.pdf
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Type : pdf

The Zulu information pamphlet.

Weight band Zulu.pdf Weight band Zulu.pdf
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The regressions for people who want to print their own.

Goat regression.doc Goat regression.doc
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An example of the belt.

Goat Tape Measure.jpg Goat Tape Measure.jpg
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A baseline on goat research findings in the Msinga area.

Summary of goat baseline research 100811.pdf Summary of goat baseline research 100811.pdf
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